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Server Migration Can Put Business Applications at Risk

The expanding use of virtualization has ushered in an era of unprecedented agility and flexibility in datacenter operations. Because workloads can now be encapsulated within virtual machines, hard ties into underlying physical infrastructure have been severed. The result is that workloads have become more mobile than ever before. This capability has been exploited within the datacenter with tools for live migration (VMware vMotion, Hyper-V Live Migration, etc.) that enable capabilities like automated load balancing, migration between test and production servers, and migration between servers during maintenance intervals - all without interfering with the user experience. But as companies increasingly turn to virtualize, IT faces two migration challenges:

  • Risk-free Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migration. The most business critical applications are often the hardest to migrate to a virtual platform. This is largely due to the fact that P2V migration tools only offer one-way migration capabilities. This mean if problems arise, IT can’t bring an application back to the physical world. The best approach supports live migration of workloads between physical and virtual platforms in both directions so that any problems can be solved through the immediate migration back to a physical server without application downtime.
  • Long-Distance Migration Between Datacenters. Long-distance migration has remained largely theoretical, but organizations are increasingly looking to move complete workloads between datacenters. Possible use cases include datacenter consolidation; switching operations between live and Disaster Recovery datacenters in order to operationalize Disaster Recovery testing; or migrating applications ahead of planned outages or potential disruptions. Current virtualization models don’t allow for these operations without incurring downtime.

Neverfail Migrate

Neverfail IT Continuity Engine forms the basis for Neverfail Migrate. With a simple and reliable methodology, Neverfail Migrate provides for the live migration of active applications between local servers or between distant datacenters with minimal risk and no user downtime. Unlike other migration techniques that either attempt to convert a system image to run on a new platform or attempt to recreate an application on a new platform from scratch, Neverfail Migrate takes an entirely new approach.

Leveraging the tried and true battle-proven Neverfail IT Continuity Engine, Migrate mirrors the application and data from the existing system in real-time to a new system, configuring it as a live standby instance. During the migration, both systems run in tandem in an active-passive state, allowing system administrators to switch-over and switch-back between to the two as they gain confidence in the new system. Once the new systems have been fully verified, the pairing is dissolved and the legacy systems retired.

Because Neverfail Migrate operates at the OS and application level, there is no need for special hardware or dedicated platforms. Migrations can be performed from any platform to any other platform, enabling an easy transition from physical to virtual systems, from one hardware vendor to another, from one hypervisor vendor to another, between systems locally or remotely, or even into private and public clouds. In all cases Neverfail minimizes the risk of user downtime.

If you need to migrate your business critical applications to a new platform, no matter where you’re coming from or where you’re going, Neverfail Migrate can get you there. Download the Neverfail Migrate datasheet for more information, or call today to schedule a talk with one of our expert sales engineers regarding your specific server migration needs.

Never worry. Never be down. Neverfail.

“We chose Neverfail for continuous application availability because it is the only solution on the market that protects our key business applications with simple one-click failover and failback between sites.”

Paul Stafford
Infrastructure Services Manager at Wellcome Trust

About Neverfail

Businesses around the world, large or small, are increasingly reliant on critical IT operations staying continuously available 24x7.  Service outages underline the fundamental importance of understanding how IT infrastructure supports critical business services and identifying any gaps in their continuity plans.

Neverfail helps thousands of customers around the world gain this insight into their IT infrastructure, operations, and continuity plans, protecting critical applications and business services against downtime while ensuring that their disaster recovery plans will always work when they are needed.

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