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Over on The Virtualization Practice, author Edward Haletky discusses possible futures of data protection as enterprises move to adopt more cloud-based services.

In the article “Data Protection: The Future,” Haletky makes an interesting assessment of where data resides in a modern enterprise, taking into consideration data proliferation across multiple platforms such as information systems, SaaS systems, secondary datacenters, mobile devices and other related services.  When thinking about data protection, the question is raised as to whether all of the data exists in any one location, and if that distributed data would be easily recoverable.

It is interesting to think about all the places where data may reside, but many of these places are point of use as opposed to point of origin (save for editing), or copies to be used by other applications. While “data” may exist in chunks (or “shards” as the author refers to them) across the enterprise, ultimately those chunks need to coalesce into similar type collections (addresses for the address book, or customer purchase records, for example) and those collections need to protected adequately.  Along those lines, the following quote from the article is spot-on when it comes to line-of-business information services:

“But more to the point, our definition of “protected” is also changing. Just storing data for restoration is no longer “de rigueur”; we are now required to have that data someplace where it is actually usable within moments, or perhaps is in sync with the primary location.”

To take this a step further, IT continuity planners need to think not only about the recoverability of these data shards, but also the recoverability of the services themselves.  While data may be protected from loss a number of different ways, if the data is inaccessible then ultimately the business suffers.

Read the complete article here:  Data Protection: The Future

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