Putting The DR Cart In Front of the Horse

We’ve all heard the saying before – “You’re putting the cart before the horse!”  It implies that we have somehow gotten our priorities mixed up and aren’t focused on the most important thing.  It’s very easy when diving into a new business continuity or disaster recovery planning project to get caught up in the solution before the problem has been properly defined.  After all, for technologists especially, it’s much more interesting to learn about the latest and greatest disaster recovery toys than it is to painstakingly interview key business stakeholders to obtain a complete view of the impact of IT systems on the day-to-day business.

The problem is that putting the “DR cart in front of the horse” can lead to wasted time, money and energy.  In today’s business climate, that’s a mistake that should be avoided at all costs.

One of the most important tenants of proper business continuity and disaster recovery planning is understanding potential risks and impacts to the business before developing solutions.  Disaster Recovery Journal’s Fall 2009 issue has a great article entitled, “Getting it Right the First Time” by Bill Hughes.  It’s worth reading to pick up some great tips on adhering to the DR planning version of “measure twice, cut once.”

We also focused on this topic as part of our December corporate webinar when George Crump from Storage Switzerland presented on “What’s Missing from Your DR Plan for 2011?”.  You can find links to this webinar and all of our past corporate webinars here – http://www.neverfailgroup.com/resources/webinars.html.

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