Heterogeneity Key to Cloud Availability

The intersection of disaster recovery and cloud computing seems to occur most often in two places: (1) when organizations are wanting move critical applications or workloads to the cloud but need to ensure that they’re always available and (2) when organizations, for whatever reason, aren’t able to move critical applications to the cloud but desire a cost-effective and simpler approach to providing disaster recovery for them beyond the traditional approach of building out a secondary data center and managing it themselves.

Dan Kusnetzky’s ZDNet post about keeping cloud applications up reminded me why a software-based approach to high availability and disaster recovery is so important in both of these scenarios.  For anything beyond simple replication-as-a-service, an organization must be able to recover not just the data but the underlying application and OS image as well.  In the context of cloud computing, this means that a software-based approach (one that doesn’t require specialized hardware or which isn’t specific to a particular hypervisor) is uniquely positioned to provide protection between on-premise deployments and any number of cloud vendors or even between multiple cloud vendors for applications that are migrated to the cloud.

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