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Are you ready for hurricane season?

Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th, and researchers are predicting that this year is going to see more storms than we’ve seen in the past. As we begin this critical time in our year, Neverfail would like to remind you to check that your disaster recovery Continue Reading

HA vs. HA: Which one are you looking for?

In this growing world of virtualization, there are many options to consider when it comes to disaster recovery and high availability. With a high percentage of most datacenters now consisting of virtual machines it is relatively easy to keep workloads running, or at least restore them operation very quickly, when Continue Reading

Virtualization-aware Backup: It’s Still Backup

By Bob Roudebush, VP of Marketing Virtualization was supposed to make backing up and and recovering applications and data easier.  Encapsulating a workload – the OS, applications and data – within a set of files that could be easily moved around between different hosts or recovered from tape was to Continue Reading

The Recovery Challenge

One of the most common questions organizations have when it comes to selecting disaster recovery and high availability solutions is, “Which solution is right for me?”  The reality is that it depends on a number of factors.  Not understanding how to select the appropriate disaster recovery or high availability approach Continue Reading