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Neverfail Bulletin: When it Comes to Data Storage, High and Dry is a Good Thing – October 4, 2013

Service disruptions and disaster recovery plan failures occur for many reasons: DDoS attacks, poor electrical installation practices, insufficient storage capabilities, etc. But sometimes the biggest threat to data comes not from a black hatted hacker or careless employee, but rather, in the form of a water droplet. In last week’s Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: Shutdowns, Slowdowns and Downtime – September 27, 2013

In last week’s bulletin, we discussed the demise of Nirvanix, a cloud-based storage service provider who is shuttering its doors , leaving its customers scrambling to take their data elsewhere with just two short weeks’ notice. This week, we feature some additional commentary on the Nirvanix shutdown, along with a Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: High Availability and Downtime – September 13, 2013

It’s a scary world out there for data center managers and business owners alike. With the ever increasing reliance on cloud-based applications and virtualized servers, end users are keeping a close eye on the uptime statistics of their providers. With so many options available at the fingertips of consumers, even Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: The Global Effect of Outages – September 6, 2013

For a long time, it was pretty easy to ignore outages if they weren’t happening to you and your business.  If a large technology company had a massive glitch, your files were still safe and sound in the confines of their respective filing cabinets. Today, there’s a much different environment. Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: Wrapping Up VMworld – August 30, 2013

To say this VMworld was a rollercoaster this year is an understatement. From taking on the competition at vFlip Cup, to bringing home the VMworld Gold Award for new technology, there was hardly a dull moment over the past few days. We were fortunate to see both old friends and Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: The Causes of Major Business Outages – August 16 2013

When a major business or organization experiences an outage, oftentimes the first question onlookers will ask is if is a result of malicious activity, such as a cyber-attack. That may make for intriguing television (or spy novel) but, more often than not, outages are actually caused by activities and threats Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: The Role of SLAs in Disaster Recovery – August 9, 2013

Service level agreements, or SLAs, are a worrisome topic. Whether you’re the cloud service provider aiming to maintain “five nines” availability, or an end-user attempting to access your mission critical applications, the SLA you hammered out is probably on your mind a lot of the time. Previously, when applications were Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: How to Let Your IT Manager Sleep Well at Night – August 2, 2013

Frequently IT professionals are the unsung heroes of the office. From laptop mishaps, to full fledge server meltdowns, they strive to keep the business up and running no matter what. However, these professionals frequently survive on a shoe-string IT budget, unable to adequately protect mission-critical applications from hardware failures, application Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: What’s the Actual Cost of Downtime? – July 25, 2013

It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact cost of a minute or an hour of downtime. It varies dramatically by industry and it’s difficult to assign an actual dollar amounts to the costs associated with it. However, that won’t stop analysts and businesses alike from trying. While they may not Continue Reading

Neverfail Bulletin: The Data Center and Disaster Recovery – July 12, 2013

Many businesses pride themselves on staying up-to-date with the most cutting-edge technology, often spending thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest products. However, there is one area where even some of the largest companies have failed to stay ahead of the game: the data center. Despite the massive growth Continue Reading