Disaster Recovery Download: Looking Ahead to IT Continuity Trends in 2014, Continued

In last week’s Disaster Recovery Download we looked ahead to the major IT business continuity and disaster recovery trends in 2014. With all the great opinion pieces and forecasts coming from IT professionals and the media alike we couldn’t resist doing one more round up of how far we’ve come Continue Reading

Downtime Report: Top Ten Outages in 2013

2013 has seen some massive outages; and given our heavy reliance on technology today, there is more at stake than ever before. Outages affect not only internal users, but a company’s customers and partners – and impact revenue, credibility, trust, reputation and productivity. With all of this in mind, we Continue Reading

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Virtual Hardware Availability: How Do You Guarantee Application Availability?

Many people have turned to virtualization for, among other reasons, the increased ease of disaster recovery. Because virtual machines are no more than files on a disk connected to standardized hypervisor hardware, those virtual machines can be shared, copied, moved, and recovered almost anywhere. Whether you’re looking at clustered hypervisors with VMware Continue Reading

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Disaster Recovery Download: Estimating the Cost of Data Center Downtime

When asked about the actual cost of an hour or minute of downtime, frequently the response is “it depends.” In some ways, we agree, it can be tricky to pin the cost of downtime to one static number when the variables change so dramatically from incident to incident. One hour Continue Reading


Transforming the Hungry IT Caterpillar to an Elegant Butterfly

Amazon, Inc. is a remarkable business.  Not only has it transformed the internet shopping experience for most of us but their hosting business, AWS, has also thrown down the gauntlet to commercial IT shops by showing how much can be done to dramatically lower the cost of IT operations.  Indeed, Continue Reading

Why Should I Care about Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Assurance?

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) are incredibly important  in your Disaster Recovery planning. Below I present ways you can assure that this critical Service Level Agreement (SLA) is being met today, tomorrow and on that fateful day when some unexpected event comes calling. My favorite definition of RPO comes from the Continue Reading