Vendorwag with Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes, Neverfail’s VP of Corporate Development, recently spoke with Mike Laverick as part of Mike’s Vendorwag series on the RTFM Education site.  Andrew and Mike discussed data replication capabilities and their use in high availability and disaster recovery solutions as well as Neverfail solutions for Continuous Availability for VMware.

Mike’s Chinwag and Vendorwag series are great resources.  Here are the details about how to subscribe and obtain episodes of the Vendorwag series:

As ever if you want the MP3 version of the chinwag it’s here – but to be honest it’s much easier to subscribe to the MP3 podcast via iTunes which means the podcast will be download when ever I do them. Alternatively, if you would prefer the videos on your iPAD/iPOD/iPhone – you subscribe to the video version of the Chinwags there (beware they are big!). If you don’t use iTunes, here’s the generic RSS Feed link.

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