Leveraging the Cloud for DR?

According to Forrester’s Enterprise and SMB Hardware Survey for North America and Europe, 61% of North American enterprises and 64% of European enterprises say that upgrading DR capabilities is either a critical or high priority for the next 12 months.  The recent growth in popularity of cloud computing provides a new alternative for organizations looking to reduce the overall cost of business continuity and align the cost model of disaster recovery compute capacity with its “as needed” or
“on demand” nature.

Addressing business continuity, then,  seems a natural extension of the existing adoption of cloud-based services.  The degree to which available cloud computing offerings can truly address an organizations disaster recovery needs, though, varies greatly from provider to provider.  Magnus Leask, a contributor for SearchVirtualDataCentre.co.UK, wrote an article a couple of weeks ago which does a great job of walking readers through the considerations that Fast Track (a Neverfail Customer) made when evaluating disaster recovery options using cloud computing.  Here’s an except and a link to the full article:

Cloud Computing Questions for Enterprises to Considerhttp://searchvirtualdatacentre.techtarget.co.uk/generic/0,295582,sid203_gci1522122,00.html

“Whatever the true definition of cloud computing is, the fact remains that as it begins to creep into mainstream IT, a number of key challenges around business continuity and the availability of services, data and applications must first be addressed before adoption becomes widespread.”

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