Preparing to Meet the COOp 2011 Deadline.

Paul Cimino- Federal Technologies Director, Neverfail

The upcoming Continuity of Operations (COOp) deadline is approaching fast. By September 30, 2011 all government agencies must have COOp in place. Because COOp builds on upon existing programs for critical infrastructure protection, business continuity, and (computer) disaster recovery planning, an integrated solution needs to be put in place that can protect all essential data, programs and applications. Federal guidelines, FPC 65, require COOp capabilities be operational no later than 12 hours after activation and must be able to maintain sustained operations for up to 30 days. According to the guidelines, the objectives of a COOp plan include:

  • Ensuring the continuous performance (continuous availability) of an agency’s essential functions and operations during an emergency;
  • Protecting essential facilities, equipment, records, and other assets;
  • Reducing or mitigating disruptions to operations;
  • Reducing loss of life, minimizing damage and losses; and,
  • Achieving a timely and orderly recovery from an emergency and resumption of full service to customers.

Additional requirements to consider when choosing a slolution are:

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Paul Cimino, , Phone: 703.957.5395

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