Osterman Research: Predictions for 2011

Osterman Research conducted a primary research survey among its survey panel during January 2011 to ask their predictions for the year ahead on a variety of security, acquisition and other issues.

You can download a copy of the survey results by visiting http://www.ostermanresearch.com/freeresearch/download131.htm.  (Registration w/Osterman required.)

There’s a wide variety of interesting tidbits in the short survey, but the one that should resonate with disaster recovery planners is the question related to the criticality of email.  90% of respondents indicated that the importance of email as a communications tools in their organization will be at least the same or greater in 2011.

If e-mail is that critical as a business tool, it’s important to ensure it’s a part of the disaster recovery planning for your organization.  What’s more, ensuring that protecting the entire messaging ecosystem from end-to-end including the mailbox servers as well as related services such as mobile messaging systems (BES, etc.) is paramount.

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