Ding – You’ve got a disaster!

By Bob Roudebush, VP of Marketing 

We’ve all got timers on our microwave to let us know when the popcorn is done and most conventional ovens come equipped with analerting mechanism to let us know the Tombstone pizza is nearing that prescribed “or until golden brown” stage.  Most IT organizations, however, spend considerable time investing in their disaster recovery and business continuity plans – i.e., loading up on microwave popcorn and frozen pizza – without having a proper declaration and notification plan in place.

I delivered a DR Planning Tip via the blog a few months ago entitled, “Think People, Policies and Priorities First“.  The key to success when dealing with people is effective and efficient communication.  Especially in the wake of one of those “Big D” disasters when there’s thepotential for chaos and confusion.  Continuity Central provided an article last week including some great notification system tips courtesy of  MIR3.  It’s worth checking out if you’re putting together a disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your organization.

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